BURGFELDEN is a small village, located on a mountain ridge, called Böllat. It is within driving distance of Pfeffingen, the neighbouring municipality. With a population of 330 inhabitants it is not only the smallest but also the highest situated community of Albstadt.


The residents of Burgfelden go through heavy and stormy weather especially during spring time and autum with significant damages to properties. At the edge of the communal district the terrain slopes down in all directions to PFEFFINGEN, MARGRETHAUSEN, LAUTLINGEN, LAUFEN and ZILLHAUSEN.
Northwest of the village, there is a magnificent lookout, called BÖLLAT. Visitors can enjoy here one of the most amazing views of the SWABIAN ALB, to al the BALINGER MOUNTAINS (HÖRNLE, LOCHEN, PLETTENBERG and HUNSRÜCK).

In good weather conditions you can see the SWISS ALPS, the BLACK FOREST and the VOSGES MOUNTAINS.